Unstoppable was the theme for Catalyst Leadership Academy 2017 and it was our 9th year to run this life changing leadership course. With students attending from the four nations of Philippines, United States, Holland and New Zealand, a global impact was truly made.

Catalyst Leadership Academy focuses on developing emerging leaders through powerful teaching, experiential learning and practical application. Four major themes are emphasized through the training: Leadership, Freedom, Service and Mission.


Catalyst focuses on developing both practical and spiritual leadership skills. Our adventure leadership course prepares students to lead Conquest camps by teaching group communication, briefing and debriefing, running effective activities and team building.

Team building through making a raft.

Powerful teaching at CLA with classes in leadership, spirit led living, freedom from rejection, healing of the heart, praise and worship, relationships and much more.

Team building and communication enhancement activity.

Small group discussion, debriefing and training.


We devote a whole incredible week to ministering “freedom” where lives are forever changed through encounters with God’s love and presence. Hearts are healed, strongholds broken and truth revealed resulting in increased peace and joy!

God’s tangible love and presence felt through our international ministry team.

Ministering God’s word and heart through Encouragement Art.


At the core of an excellent leader is a heart to serve. Catalyst emphasizes this quality by teaching students to serve both in the front and behind the scenes with an attitude of love and empowerment.

Practicing the presentation in Human Trafficking Awareness elective.

Close to 500 children attended Conquest Kids Camp in Butuan City where Catalyst ministered and served.

Conquest Youth Adventure Camp was a life-changing 4 day/3 night camp with 200 teenagers. Catalyst put into action all their learning and led the camp.


We are called to live a missional lifestyle! Catalyst students are trained and inspired to fulfill their God-given mission, living beyond self-interest with the perspective of eternity always in their heart.

International team of ministers from USA and New Zealand.

CLA students are trained to live a missional lifestyle by doing outreach in the community.

Practical community outreach.

Electives and Events

This year’s electives included DANCE, DRAMA, HEARING FROM GOD, and HUMAN TRAFFICKING AWARENESS facilitator training. The events were many including the grand finale dance competition and concert called Unstoppable Impact Concert held at Lighthouse Church with over 700 people in attendance.

Classes in the Freedom Hall.

Drama elective assists Pastor Amy in an illustrative sermon.
Unstoppable concert.

Pastor Amy with Pastor Lathur of Lighthouse Church.

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