Toyla came to us last summer when his older brother Vitale, who was already in our orphanage, asked to visit his mother. When we got to the house, it was a shambles. This is where we met Tolya. He was dirty and hungry. He also has special needs but his mother who is an alcoholic, was not taking care of his basic needs. The day of our visit, she was sober and asked us to take him to the orphanage. We learned that his father hanged himself and tragically, Tolya witnessed this.

At Living Pearl, Tolya is getting the care, attention and love that he needs and deserves! We are believing that God will bring restoration and healing-both physically and psychologically. God is a worker of miracles! What the enemy meant for destruction in Tolya’s life, God can use for GOOD!

Please be in prayer for both the kids and staff of Living Pearl! If you are able to partner with us financially, we need you and welcome your partnership!