Ukraine – Tanya is a sweet and beautiful young girl who came to Living Pearl Children’s Home 4 years ago with her two younger sisters. They arrived at the orphanage dirty and hungry. With no parental care or involvement and no direction or purpose in life, the girls were not attending school and instead were carousing, smoking and sometimes drinking.

As the girls adjusted to their new life at the orphanage, we noticed that as the oldest “Pearl”, Tanya was very good with the younger children. She showed them compassion and she became very responsible. Eventually at 18 years old she began working as a part time nanny with the younger children and realized she had a desire in her heart to be a teacher. At 18 she began to study at Teacher’s College with a specialty in Primary Education. This year, she started working as a teacher in Living Pearl. She has worked on developing special programs for our “Pearls” and conducts educational sessions with our pre-school age children in the home.

Last month, Tanya celebrated her 21st birthday! She is a blessing to our home and we are excited to see her fulfill all that God has planned for her!