On the final week of the CLA, Catalyst students were sent to strategic parts of the city to minister the love, power and truth of Christ to the people.

The students were introduced to mission strategies which required them to be bold and fearless in speaking His word while using their spiritual gifts to minister to people. An example of this unique challenge was to pose like a mannequin for 10 minutes in a public place. “People gathered immediately when I started to pose. They even took photos of me! It caught their attention because something like that does not happen every day, especially in a market place,” said Angel Ivy Bacasmas.

Another student also shared, “The experience was amazing. I prayed for a boy who had a foot-injury and the pain left! I knew it was a miracle.” These and 28 other mission strategies were accomplished by the students in 3 hours. “The best thing about our mission trip was seeing lives transformed because of an encounter with God. It’s not just about the change we experienced in CLA, but more about the lives affected because of that change,” another student testifies.