Living Pearl Children’s Home is home to some of the most beautiful gems in Ukraine! When Pastor Amy initially mentioned visiting Living Pearl I was hesitant because of past experiences with visiting orphanages where children were treated like burdens and seemingly unloved, but as soon as we pulled onto the property every hesitation went away!

I could tell from the start that these children are loved and they love much in return! Our whole team was flooded with endless hugs and “Hellos.” None of us speak or understand Ukrainian but that didn’t stop them from asking us questions in Ukrainian and being interested in what we were doing there!

As we toured the facility the love for the children became more and more evident as we saw their shoes neatly lining the shelf, their beds tidely made and their play room full of fun toys! The kids walked with us and held our hands and weren’t afraid to ask me to touch my curly hair or rub my dark skin! I was blessed by their affectionate smiles.

I enjoyed listening to the children pray and do their morning devotional and I was very surprised while talking with one of the older girls about her future plans. I spoke with her at length through an interpreter, she explained to me that although she is 17 she’s not eager to leave Living Pearl. She feels encouraged by the staff to pursue a degree at University but she is very happy at Living Pearl because of the love and care that she receives.

Living Pearl is James 1:27 at its finest – pure and undefiled caring for orphans in their misfortune – and I count myself blessed to be a part of this ministry.

-Sherika Lockhart