Philippines – When the city of Marawi in the Philippines came under attack by ISIS linked militants this past May, the families living there were forced to leave their homes and flee for their lives. Some had to walk 12 hours just to find safety in an evacuation center and were displaced without even basic possessions.

In June, Global Impact team members visited these evacuees to offer help and encouragement to families who had abruptly found themselves in this very difficult circumstance. Our outreach team delivered supplies like clothes, food, diapers and first aid packs to approximately 300 people. It quickly became apparent that these evacuees – especially the children – needed wholesome and fun activities that would divert their attention from the trauma they had just experienced.

In disaster-stricken communities, internally displaced people are extremely vulnerable to human trafficking and other forms of abuses. As our outreach team spent time with the families, they also conducted human trafficking awareness sessions with the adults through informal mini-groups. Global Impact team members were also able to gather some very important information about “headhunters” (traffickers) already roaming around the evacuation sites looking for victims.

Our outreach team listened and offered encouragement as people shared their devastating experiences.
Moms exhausted from caring for their small children in an uncomfortable and cramped setting expressed relief for having some friendly talks with our staff.

The kids had special sessions too!

Children in this situation are at high risk for being trafficked – We taught these kids how to keep themselves safe from traffickers and abusers.
Games and movie times were a special treat not only for the kids but also for their parents!

Our local partners are the National Council for Muslim Filipinos and the Church So Blessed – Iligan City

Our Global Impact base in Davao City is approximately 160 miles from Marawi City.

In July, Global Impact Phils Foundation, in partnership with Childhope Mindanao and the City Council for the Welfare of Children, held a psychosocial intervention to over 100 children who have been displaced by the Marawi siege and are now in Davao City living with their relatives .

Activities included crafts, games and storytelling sessions to help the kids cope with the difficulties that they went through during the attack in Marawi City.


Statistics from governmental agencies indicate that there are over 200,000 internally displaced people from Marawi City, most of whom are living in evacuation centers. Uprooted from their homes without warning, fathers have no way to earn a living for their families.

Little children, pregnant women and the elderly are already getting sick due to lack of proper waste disposal, (one evacuation site had 1 toilet shared by 300 people), lack of clean water and lack of nutritious food among other things. Children cannot go to school; there is not enough space and not even the enthusiasm or stamina to play. Most just stay quiet in their own corners staring blankly – signs of deep emotional and psychological trauma.

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