In the continuing fight against human trafficking through awareness and advocacy campaign, Freedom!Philippines holds a weekly 1-hour radio talk show that is primarily designed to inform and educate Filipinos all over the world about human trafficking. With emphasis on helping the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), the program is a venue for the OFWs, their families, the community and other stakeholders to come together and discuss various pressing issues and concerns besetting the OFWs and their families.

The program seeks to (1) provide a venue for people to ask questions, verify information, seek counsel on matters of overseas jobs/work opportunities (2) facilitate/link people to the appropriate agencies/individuals who can help them; (3) portal of updated and reliable information to stop illegal recruitment; and (4) serve as a discussion space for the interrelated concerns of illegal recruitment and human trafficking.

Currently, there are 10 million OFWs around the world. Illegal recruitment is a prevalent concern in the Philippines, with most cases of illegal recruitment leading to human trafficking.

The program is in partnership with the Far Eastern Broadcasting Corp., a Christian broadcasting network in the Philippines.