UKRAINE – Living Pearl: Last week we took in 5 siblings – their ages range from 3 years old to 15 years old. They were in a critical situation, their father died an alcohol related death and their mother – also an alcoholic – was severely neglecting them.
Unfortunately their situation is not unique.
Alcohol abuse in Ukraine has historically been a serious problem especially relating to child welfare.

With poverty being one of the driving factors in alcohol abuse, some appear to have children in order to receive financial support (a lump sum paid at birth). These motives are linked to child abandonment.

We have rescued children from situations where we were horrified to see their living conditions.

One place had no windows or doors and almost no floor because it was removed and used for firewood to keep warm.

The combined impact of the seven-year war in East Ukraine and the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased substance and alcohol abuse.

Our home exists to provide a safe place for the children affected by all of this. And as a rule, we are always open and never turn a child in need away.

We focus on the positive outcomes and the impact that this home is having on so many children’s lives like these two sisters. Because it’s truly amazing and wonderful to see that with love and patience, stability and many prayers, these kids absolutely flourish!

Currently, we are caring for 50 children – the most since Living Pearl’s inception.

We need heroes like you who will help protect the vulnerable, restore the broken and bring hope in desperate situations! Your monthly gift changes the life of a child in need!

We currently need an additional $1500 in monthly support to sustain quality operations.

A gift or monthly donation of any amount brings us closer to this goal and goes towards all the needs associated with raising children. Your gift helps pay for food, clothes, medical needs, school expenses, sports and playground equipment, counseling and much more.

Approximately $100/month supports one child.

Could you make a one year commitment?
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