When my husband and I decided to plan a trip to Disneyworld for our kids, we were bursting with anticipation to tell them! It’s been quite a few years ago but even as I write this, I smile remembering our kids’ excitement and the joy it brought us. We made some wonderful memories with them!

Any parent will tell you the immense pleasure it brings to give their kids opportunities and wonderful experiences in life!

It’s no different for our co-founders of Global Impact’s orphanage in Ukraine.

When it comes to the children that God brings to the doors of Living Pearl, Pastor Sasha and Pastor Amy Muranko have a great desire in their hearts to not only provide the basic necessities but to create a genuine home where the kids know how much they’re loved with a life full of opportunities and wonderful experiences.

And so, we are thrilled to plan a vacation this summer for our teenage kids at Living Pearl. 15 of our teenagers would experience an unforgettable 7-day vacation at the Black Sea in Odessa, Ukraine. The complete cost is $200 each.

Beach activities, a water park, souvenir shopping, delicious seafood, ice cream and nightly BBQ’s on the beach are just some of the fabulous fun planned for the kids.

From the start, this home has been fully funded by generous donors who have a God given desire in their hearts to bless these kids as they have been blessed.

– Denise Monson, USA Office Manager