At 13 years old, Tanya’s mother was an alcoholic. The family didn’t have enough food or clothes and lived in pretty terrible conditions. At that time, the local church gave charity dinners and they helped make sure that Tanya and other kids in similar situations had something to eat.

When she was 15, Tanya left home. The church took her in and provided food, clothes, a place to stay and love. She lived there 5 years.

Today, Tanya is married to her husband Oleg and together, they have served the church for many years. Tanya is the church secretary and Oleg is the pastor of youth ministry. This young couple has a 7 year old son and have also been greatly involved in the lives of the kids at our orphanage where they met 7 year old Veronica and 4 year old Bogdan. Similar to Tanya’s background, Veronica and Bogdan have also experienced some very harsh conditions, witnessing violence and alcoholism in their family.

Adoption Day! Oleg, Tanya and their children are pictured with Pastor  Sasha,  our  orphanage  director on the steps of Living Pearl Children’s Home .

Tanya believes that only through God and believers from the church who intervened in her time of need that her life was changed forever. Tanya and her husband knew that now it was time to make a difference! God put it on their hearts to take Veronica and Bodgan into their family. After a long process, they were able to adopt the children this past fall!

We pray God’s blessings over this beautiful family! God is doing amazing things!

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