Can any good come from Sulu? Sulu (a province in southern Philippines) is recognized as a key city for the human trafficking route in Southeast Asia. It is a gateway for illegal recruiters and traffickers because of its close proximity to Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Vietnam. This province has also been identified as a breeding ground for terrorist groups.

The children and their families living in this area are most vulnerable to deception and recruitment that can lead to exploitation such as child labor, being sold as sex slaves, or being used as child soldiers. Educating these at risk kids and their community is imperative in keeping them from falling into the perils of deception leading to trafficking.

Global Impact believes that a wealth of good can come from Sulu! Our team traveled to Sulu February 23rd & 24th partnering with All-in-One Mission to reach children and families most vulnerable to traffickers.
Educational games, stories & other interactive exercises were conducted to help them be aware of the deception of traffickers. These activities also provided a venue for the children to dream again for themselves and their community; all of them desiring for a conflict-free Sulu where they will prosper as successful individuals, able to achieve the dreams that are in their hearts for their futures!