“The story of Jorgen, recipient of Global Impact education scholarship”

he pops out with beautiful wings and takes a quick turn as the group of kids smile and adore her transformation. The small caterpillar has now become a beautiful butterfly. Jorgen smiles behind the curtains with a fulfilled heart that it went well.

The creative presentation Jorgen did many years ago was about the dangers and realities of child trafficking through the story of the little caterpillar. However for Jorgen it did not remain just a children’s story. It became her story.

Jorgen Jordan also called “Ems” by her friends left her small town in North Cotabato and went to Davao to study and to work in 2011. She ended up finding a new home and family instead in Global Impact. Attending the Catalyst Leadership Academy in 2012, she learned to love and to understand the culture and advocacy of the organization. She was greatly impacted.

Soon after she was chosen to become an educational scholar under the sponsorship of Global Impact, and set out to continue her study in Business Administration Major in Marketing Management at the University of Mindanao.
She considered her college life as a wonderful journey of ‘becoming’. It was in college that she faced challenges and learned to stand up to them in order to achieve her goals. The support of Pastors Michael and Amy Gahan along with the encouragement of the whole Global Impact family kept her pushing forward.

When asked what was the greatest lesson learned in her stay with the Global Impact foundation, she answered with full conviction “If you are faithful in little things, you will be entrusted with bigger things”. A quote she saw while cleaning the restroom.

She thanks her parents, family, Global Impact Phils Foundation, friends, sponsors, and everyone who became instrumental in her success but most of all the Almighty Father who carried her through it all.

Today, she is a living testimony that a small caterpillar can turn into a colorful butterfly. She graduated this year from university with flying colors! Jorgen looks forward to continuing her passion in serving the foundation, empowering young people and ministering to the nations.

Congratulations, Jorgen! We are proud of you! Thank you to our partners who give to education scholarships! You are making a world of difference!