It was a hot and muddy mountainous hike to reach the campsite in the jungle of northern Philippines where our 16th annual CLA kicked off with a youth leaders camp for people from the Aeta tribe.

Leadership Training, Revival Nights and a Family Fun Day reached more than 500 people of the Aeta tribe – considered Philippines earliest inhabitants.

It was 4 days fully packed with activities, teachings and transformation of hearts and minds.

Camp activities taught teamwork, patience, determination, and the importance of listening and unity. It was amazing to witness the fresh energy of youth and how much they can achieve in life if only there are mentors to guide and care for them.

Huge thanks to our partners in the Philippines: Church So Blessed, Revival Mission & Bureau of Fire Protection. And to our donors who partner with us through prayer and financial donations – thank you for making a global impact!


Amy delivered an inspiring message about one’s true identity. Many youth were freed from wrong mindsets about who they are! They had been hindered from pursuing their calling and destiny because they saw themselves as their mistakes, their past, and their failures. The message gave them new hope and a fresh start. It was refreshing to learn that the Father is like a gold miner who removes the dirt and sees us as gold every time, all the time!

103 families (representing over 515 individuals) received a gift of 5 kilos of rice to take home.

This is a true blessing to these families as many struggle to provide the daily basics for their children.


It was quite an amazing adventure with this beautiful people group.

The gospel was preached, lives were changed, and hope was planted!