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Below are the projects we are currently engaged in in different parts of the world.  Each of these projects is divided into one of three of our mission categories:

Empower – we seek to empower people to live healthy, happy and full lives through various projects including addressing poverty, health, emotional and spiritual well being and more. 

Equip – we desire to equip people with knowledge and experience through training.

Enterprise –  we encourage and support enterprise to help people become self-sufficient and to help improve the lifestyle of their families and communities.

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Every Christmas Global Impact brings special gifts to children and families in the Philippines, Ukraine and Pakistan.
conquest youth camp
Conquest Youth Adventure Camp is an annual week-long camp designed for evangelism, inspiration, & life changing experiences with God.
Davao, Philippines
Flourish SAFE homes are short term training and development homes specifically designed for single parents who due to extreme poverty can no longer support their children.
Davao, Philippines
Breakfast Club is a project to help feed kids
Davao, Philippines
Pearl Children's Home is an orphanage based in the Ukraine for which Global Impact provides support.
Values education is where we meet on a weekly basis with high school students and help to develop their values system.
Davao, Philippines

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