money from Ali

Piggy Bank Change CAN Make a Difference!

Many people think that what they have to give is really not enough to make any difference.

We received this donation from a little girl in the USA. She took this money from her piggy bank and gave it to her parents to help feed the kids who were hungry in the Philippines. 

We were so touched by her compassion in knowing there are kids who don’t have enough to eat and wanting to do something about it!

The Global Impact team went into action and found this young boy begging on the street. His mother is dead and his father lives far away. He lives with an older sister but must work on the streets to survive. Global Impact ‪#‎freedomfighters‬ picked him up and took him for chicken and rice. He wouldnt eat the whole thing because he was saving some for his little niece. You may think a few dollars won’t make any difference, but it sure did to this little boy!


Want to give some change from your piggy bank?

Your Change Impacts Change!