For many of the children who come to Living Pearl Children’s Home in Ukraine, it is the first real home they have ever know and the only model of what “family” means. For Yevgeny, Living Pearl Children’s Home was the catalyst that provided him an amazing family who loves him dearly and has forever changed his life and impacted his future!

By the time Yevgeny was 2 years old, he had experienced some pretty harsh living conditions. In Ukraine, the number of abandoned babies and children is so severe that many of the state orphanages are over-crowded and the children are sent to live in the hospitals as a temporary shelter where only their very basic needs are met. Such was the case for Yevgeny who had lived at the district hospital and then was moved to a government orphanage but when the conditions at the orphanage were being examined, he was moved back to the hospital once again before coming to Living Pearl where he was the very first child in our children’s home!

A couple from the local church – George and Ira – saw a little boy who needed a family and God laid it on their hearts to take him into their family! The adoption process is complete and now Yevgeny has a father a mother and 2 sisters who adore him! He is flourishing, happy and very much loved!

Below: Yevgeny is pictured with his mom, dad and two sisters!

yevgeny with his mom dad and sisters

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